You're invited to come out to any of our FREE sauna nights in October. Bring your friends, kids, or just make it a fun part of a date night. We will have 2-3 saunas out at each night, a cold tub, cold showers, wood-fired pizza, campfire, and some tunes playing. 


WHERE? The Seeley Oaks Aframe is located in Seeley at 13965 W Peterson Road, Hayward, WI 54843. The Cable Cabin is located in Cable at 43425 US Hwy 63, Cable, WI 54821. (Directions: Seeley Oaks Aframe - from Hwy 63, just north of The Sawmill Saloon, go west on Peterson Road. You will drive west on Peterson Road for approximately 1.5 miles. Not long after passing the intersection with Larsen Road, you will see a driveway on the south side of the road with a large rock. Follow the drive all the way to the end. The Cable Cabin - drive Hwy 63 to Cable. As you enter Cable on the south side, you'll see it on the west side of road. It's next to Up North Guided Tours. You'll see the saunas.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT? This is your chance to try out some different saunas and cold tubs. We will have a campfire going, tunes playing, and we'll have a limited number of wood fired pizza from about 5-7pm. You also have access to the inside for water, the bathroom, etc. We're currently working on having yoga for a limited number of people too, so stay tuned for that.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING? You should bring your preferred clothing set up for sitting in the sauna, some easy slip on shoes, and a towel. We would recommend going with your swimsuit. If you want something to drink, you should planning on providing your drink of choice.